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Within its transport sector, TRANSPROM offers the organization of truck, marine, river, container, rail and air transport worldwide. With its own fleet consisting of 18 trucks with semi-trailers of standard dimensions 13.60 x 2.48m, as well as with the mega-tandem trucks with cargo space of 100 to 120 m3, TRANSPROM covers all destinations in Europe and in the former Soviet Republics, Turkey, Asian countries, Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan and the Middle East countries.

All TRANSPROM trucks have ADR certificate and are equipped with all necessary devices. Bearing this in mind, TRANSPORT is able to carry out the transport of dangerous goods, classes 1 to 9, with an exception of class 7 (radioactive substances).

All trucks are covered with CMR insurance and the possibility of transport covered by TIR carnet, which is a precondition for the transport of goods to eastern markets. Also, all trucks have the equipment for satellite tracking, so that TRANSPROM partners can always know the location of the freight they entrusted to TRANSPOROM for transportation.

In addition to full load, TRANSPROM offers the possibility for delivery/shipment of small quantities of goods, either by means of smaller vehicles or by loading together with other goods in large trucks, which significantly shortens the transport time.


kamionski transport

Truck Transport

TRANSPROM organizes its truck transport by means of own trucks and by trucks of its contractual sub-carriers.

kontejnerski transport

Container Transport

Thanks to its contracts with large international shippers or their agents, TRANSPROM organizes door-to-door container transport of goods in all types of containers.

avio transport

Air Transport

In cooperation with the leading airline companies, TRANSPROM organizes air transport from and to the Belgrade Airport.

zeleznicki transport

Rail Transport

Together with the leading rail operators in the neighbouring countries, TRANSPROM is in position to organize the rail transport, both by individual wagons and by itinerary trains.

O nama

Glasverbindungsbau TU okviru sektora transporta, TRANSPROM nudi organizaciju kamionskog, prekomorskog, rečnog, kontejnerskog, železničkog i avio transporta širom sveta. Sopstvenim voznim parkom koji čini 18 kamiona sa  poluprikolicama standardnih dimenzija 13,60 x 2,48 m kao i mege i tandemi zapremine od 100 do 120m3.

TRANSPROM pokriva sve destinacije u Evropi, kao i bivše sovjetske republike, Tursku,  azijske zemlje Iran, Irak, Turkmenistan i zemlje bliskog istoka.

Svi TRANSPROMOVI kamioni poseduju ADR sertifikat i opremljeni su svom propisanom opremom. Imajući to u vidu, TRANSPROM je u mogućnosti da izvrši prevoze opasnih materija klase od 1 do 9 sa izuzetkom klase 7 (radioaktivne materije). Svi kamioni imaju CMR osiguranje kao i mogućnost transporta TIR karnetom što je uslov za transport robe na istočna tržišta. Takođe, svi kamioni imaju opremu za satelitsko praćenje, tako da TRANSPROMOVI partneri u svakom momentu znaju gde im je teret koji su poverili na prevoz TRANSPROMU.

TRANSPROM, pored punih utovara,  nudi i mogućnost dopreme/otpreme manjih količina robe bilo sa malim vozilima ili dotovarom sa drugom robom u velikim kamionima što bitno skraćuje vreme putovanja.

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